Membership List

Business Owner: Harold Harvey
Business Name: A & H Mechanical
Address: 1215 East 79th Street , Chicago, Illinois 60619
Phone: 773-933-2400
Fax: 773-933-2424
Trade: HVAC
Certificate: MBE
Business Owner: James Webb, Jr.
Business Name: A Stroke of Genius Painting
Address: 616 E. 71st Street , Chicago, Illinois 60619
Phone: 872-244-7233
Fax: 773-904-0349
Trade: Painting
Certificate: MBE, WBE
Business Owner: Edward T. McKinnie
Business Name: AM Sunrise Construction
Address: 12000 S. Marshfield , Calumet Park, IL 60827
Phone: 708-389-1300
Fax: 708-389-5190
Trade: Painting
Certificate: MBE
Business Owner: Ross Haith
Business Name: America Dreamed LLC.
Address: 9909 W. Roosevelt Rd. , Westchester, IL. 60154
Phone: 708-724-8362
Trade: Carpenter
Business Owner: George Kinnison
Business Name: Applied Controls & Contracting
Address: 539-541 West Taft Drive , South Holland, Illinois 60473
Phone: 708-596-7400
Fax: 708-596-1020
Trade: Engineering
Certificate: MBE
Business Owner: Ernest Brown
Business Name: Brown & Momen, Inc.
Address: 823 E. Drexel Sq. , Chicago, IL 60615-3705
Phone: 773-493-3743
Trade: General Contractor
Certificate: MBE
Business Owner: Rashed Bond
Business Name: Dynamic Wrecking and Excavation
Address: 705 East 162nd Street , South Holland, Illinois 60473
Phone: 708-339-7633
Fax: 708-339-2973
Certificate: MBE
Business Owner: Elaine King
Business Name: E. King Trucking Company
Address: 3865 South Columbus Avenue , Chicago, Illinois 60652
Phone: 773-284-9800
Fax: 773-284-9812
Certificate: MBE, DBE, WBE
Business Owner: Jim Blair, President
Business Name: F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen & Assoc. LLC ****Corporate Member *****
Address: 5515 N. East River Road , Chicago, IL 60656
Phone: 773-444-3474
Trade: General Contractor
Business Owner: Frank Hamilton
Business Name: Frank's Masonry
Address: 14433 South California , Posen, Illinois 60469
Phone: 708-396-8505
Fax: 708-396-8504
Trade: Masonry
Certificate: MBE